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A Consent to Lien form must accompany all applications for a driveway permit.

A Consent to Lien form is attached to the application form which you will find in the link below.

Please make sure you complete the Application, as well as the Consent to Lien form when you submit your request and deposit to RDD.

Our Mission

The mission of the Ranger Drainage District is to
implement the provisions of Chapter 298 Florida
Statutes, in a manner that ensures proper storm
water management within the boundaries of the
district and to operate with a continued
commitment to education and outreach to its
residents and landowners.

If you would like more information on the Silt Fence Policy, please read this letter. Click here

Next Monthly Meeting:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
at 6pm

2014-2015 Budget

Want to learn about
pending and planned
Capital Improvements?

Click here for a list of
Capital Improvements.

Permit Requirements

Homeowners and Builders: A permit must be
obtained from RDD prior to most types of
construction on your property.

          Permits Needed for These Changes or Additions:

Driveways Fences Sheds
Pools Irrigation Room Additions

Consent to Lien form must accompany this permit request if you choose Driveway.
Click here for more information on what needs a permit.

  • RDD will review each application and determine its impact on the drainage system.

  • During the review process, RDD conducts a field inspection of the property to determine if easements are in conformance with the District’s policies.

  • Final Inspections: Prior to a final approval from RDD an inspection, final survey and acknowledgement letter must be provided to the District.

To request a final inspection, please call the RDD office at 407-568-5502.

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If you have an unpublished address or a recent change of address, please contact the Orange County Property Appraiser’s Office at 407-836-5000.

Please provide the appraiser’s office with your current contact information, so that we can be sure to reach you.

Members of the RDD Board

David Mauck, 407-947-5250

Gus Desautel, 321-246-3660

Steven "Mike" Nolan, 407-492-2095

  • Excessive use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides (weed killer).
    Remember, what and how much you place on your lawn eventually lands in our District canals. Excessive nutrients in the canals leads to additional growth, water quality issues and accelerated deterioration of galvanized structures and pipes. In light of the new Federal regulations, we need your help more than ever to maintain our water quality.
  • Fences being installed on canals & easements. As a reminder, fences need to be approved by RDD prior to installation. These items disrupt the daily operation if improperly installed.
  • Unauthorized use of the canal easements has resulted in both repair and legal costs to the District.
  • Unnecessary lawsuits to the District.
  • Planting trees an shrubs either in the swale area (estates) or between road and sidewalk (city).
  • Interruption of daily work. If you have any issues with work being performed, contract the District office at 407-568-5502

    407-836-HELP (4357) if you observe any of the items below.

  • Trash dumping including yard waste. The District spends a great deal of time and money cleaning up after those who dump on the canals and easements.
  • Vandalism of posted signs and gates. No explanation necessary.
  • Four wheelers and 4x4 vehicles driving on the banks, easements and even I the bottom of the canals leads to repair and reseeding costs as well as potential fines.
  • Vehicles in the canals can pollute the waters. When dealing with this, RDD may have to treat the canal with expensive chemicals and perform additional water quality testing.

The RDD Office is located at: 19950 Nugent Street, Orlando, FL 32833 Phone: 407-568-5502 Fax: 407-568-5700
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.